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I will help you learn  ČESKY.

Learn Czech with Eliska
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 - Are there different techniques?

 - How often should I study?

 - What materials do I use?

 - Understand your goals.
 - Build your learning system.
 - Get my support on your journey.

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Because Czech is Cool Client Bree

Bree N.

Without exaggeration, Eliška is unsurpassed as a Czech teacher in terms of her qualifications, approach, and genuine enthusiasm for her students’ progress.


Since much of my learning has been through self-study, I have studied with Eliška in a mode slightly different from the norm: rather than meeting weekly, I book with her on an as-needed basis, and she answers any tricky questions I have and advises me about my learning process. She has been invaluable to me in this consulting capacity, helping me set appropriate goals and methods that work for me. Our sessions have made a huge impact on my progress, and she really makes me feel like a part of her student community.


Whether you’re able to work with Eliška weekly or just now and then, she will have a lot to add to your Czech learning journey— you will definitely be learning from the best!

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