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Online courses that you've been missing.

The pronunciation course
Czech Sound Library

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Transform your Czech with my 'Czech Sound Library' course. Hone your speaking and listening skills for real conversations. Perfect your pronunciation and connect with native speakers. Ideal for efficient, effective language learning.

  • Exclusive audio and video collection

  • Lifetime access

  • Exercises addressing common mistakes

  • Audio for on-the-go practice

  • 14-Day Money-back Guarantee


Czech Pronunciation Course 1.png

The original version of my extensive pronunciation course has been superseded by the Czech Sound Library. While simplified, the Czech Sound Library is more comprehensive and designed to fit your busy schedule. Pronunciation Course #1 remains available for existing subscribers.

  • 5-week study plan

  • 4.5 hours of video time

  • Czech audio, English subtitles

  • Audio for on-the-go practice

  • 14-Day Money-back Guarantee



Don't waste time learning rubbish
Study Like a Pro Program


This is a perfect program for those who have limited hours to study Czech every week and want to use their time studying as effectively as possible. You'll learn to build an effective Czech study system in 30 days without having to give up your life. 

  • Discover modern ways to study

  • Strategies to overcome learning blockers

  • Tools, techniques and resources you need

  • Exciting challenges

  • 14-Day Money-back Guarantee



Course Reviews

Have you taken a course? Please share your thoughts on it with me and the others.

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