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Sound Library

The pronunciation course.



Months or perhaps even years have flown by, yet every Czech conversation feels like navigating through a maze.

Can you relate to these? 😨

  • Is it difficult for you to understand Czech, finding it somewhat unpredictable and complex?

  • Lost in distinguishing where one word ends and another starts, especially with short words?

  • Battling a persistent feeling of incompetence due to off-mark pronunciation?

  • Struggling to master the complex "dance" of authentic Czech sounds with your lips and mouth?

  • Feel perpetually a step behind in fast-paced Czech conversations, despite understanding your teacher clearly?


The Czech Sound Library will help you



the most challenging Czech sounds and pronunciation issues that English speakers commonly encounter.



Czech with enhanced clarity and confidence.



proud of your precise and clear Czech pronunciation and avoid feeling like a foreigner or an incompetent person.



sounds and words in spoken Czech, not only in language-learning materials but also in authentic Czech conversations



and no longer receive puzzled looks or requests for constant repetitions from Czech speakers 



for your appreciation of the beautiful Czech language. Czech natives won't hesitate to engage with you in heartfelt conversations, bypassing the need for English.

Get Lifetime Access


Just for one time payment of

127 EUR

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Helps me to connect with people

When we are in Prague more people actually understand me and respond to me in Czech! I’m proud that because of positive results I keep persevering and haven’t given up!!


Pamela from New York City

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Unique access to a curated collection of challenging Czech sounds, words, and sentences, all complemented by audio recordings to enhance your learning experience.


Learn on the go

Enjoy the convenience of downloadable audio files, allowing you to practice on the go.

Practice makes perfect

Engage in short drills to help solidify difficult Czech sounds in your muscle memory.

Best for English speakers

Specifically designed to address pronunciation mistakes made by English speakers.



I've got it all lined up for you, from mastering elusive consonants to cracking the code of sound changes. 


Short and long vowels
Word stress and how to combine it with short and long vowels (“zajímavý”, not “zamavý”)
Tricky consonants: Ň, Ď, Ť, R, Ř, H, CH and C
The letter Ě (pěšky -> pješky, děkuju ->  ďekuju, město -> mňesto)
Consonant clusters (prší, čtvrtek, uprostřed, ohňostroj)
Sound changes (v pátek -> fpátek, chtěla bych se podívat -> chťelabychse poďívat)




"The Czech Sound Library" is more than a course; it's your pathway to understanding and being understood in real Czech conversations. Here, I focus on the practical aspects of language learning - speaking clearly, listening intently, and fine-tuning your pronunciation to resonate well with native speakers.

Join us, and equip yourself with the skills necessary to navigate the Czech language landscape confidently. It's time to not only learn but to truly connect.

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My wife was almost in tears

I took Eliška's Pronunciation course 1. After just a week of taking Eliška’s course, I have more confidence to speak Czech and my wife hears a huge difference (she was almost in tears, in a good way, after I showed what I had learned already).

Steven from Canada

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You will master the most challenging Czech sounds and pronunciation issues that English speakers commonly encounter.

As a result, you will  speak with greater clarity  and confidence.

You will no longer hesitate to use the grammar and vocabulary you have been learning, and  people will understand you clearly  when you speak, allowing you to effectively convey your message.

By gaining confidence in using Czech, you will feel a sense of accomplishment and pride in what you have achieved!




I don’t teach Czech the traditional way

Since 2016, I professionally support those who committed themselves to learn Czech. A crucial part of my approach is helping my clients create a sustainable and effective study routine. My mission is to help them discover fun ways of learning and acquiring the language by themselves, and helping them to overcome their fears and frustrations connected to learning Czech. Read my story here.

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> FB group
> Private sessions 



14 Day Money-Back Guarantee

Not sure this product is for you? No problem—I've got you covered! 

I understand the frustration of spending money on something that brings low or even zero value to me. That's why I'll be more than happy to give you your money back should you find that this product is not working for you.


Just let me know by emailing me at within 14 days from purchase and you'll receive a full refund to your method of payment.

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