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Mistakes Learners Make - Verb To Travel

Let's take a look at another common mistake I see my clients make. Both in English and Czech, the meaning of to travel (cestovat) is the same - go from one place to another. The use is different though.

I travel to Prague every day - Každý den cestuju do Prahy

Grammatically speaking, the sentence is correct. But it sounds a bit strange. The Czech word cestovat is used when we talk about traveling in general. When there is no specific destination, no specific country or city. As in the following examples.

I love traveling so much. - Strašně rádá cestuju.

A friend of mine doesn't travel much. - Můj kamarád moc necestuje.

A friend of mine often travels on business. - Moje kamarádka často cestuje kvůli práci.

When there is a specific destination, we use the word jet or jezdit.

I travel to Prague every day. - Každý den jezdím do Prahy.

We travel to Croatia every year. - Každý rok jezdíme do Chorvatska.

Note the difference between jet and jezdit. Use jet when you go somewhere at a specific moment with a specific objective, use jezdit when you go repeatedly.

Learn more in my YouTube post!

Happy learning!

Eliška :)

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