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Mistakes Learners Make - Preposition "To"

Very often I see Czech learners make a mistake with the preposition to.

Jdu do babičky - I'm going to grandma's.

But this sentence doesn't work in Czech. Let me show you why.

The general rule is quite simple - we use the word do when we are literally going inside, into a confined area. Most typically, it's a house with a roof and I'm going inside, into this house.

to a shop - do obchodu

to a restaurant - do restaurace

to a cinema - do kina

Jdu do babičky is not correct, though. Since babička is a person rather than a confined area, we need to use a preposition k. Like in these cases.

to grandma's - k babičce

to my friend's place - ke kamarádce

to my colleague's place - ke kolegovi

Note how k is transformed to ke due to the following word starting with the letter k.

Learn more in my YouTube post!

Happy learning!

Eliška :)

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