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How to Use "I Know" in a Czech Conversation

If life was simple, the verb to know would translate to znát in Czech and that would be it. But life is not that simple. And so is not the translation of this verb. There are 3 possible translations to Czech. Let's look at them.

Znát + akuzativ

To know something/somebody well or in detail. To be familiar with somebody/something.

Znám dobrý film - I know a good movie

Znám dobrou knihu - I know a good book

Znám pana Nováka - I know Mr. Novák


To know a fact, where/who/how/what/why.... something or somebody is.

Vědět, že prší - To know that it's raining

Vím, kdo jsi - I know who you are

Víš, co jsi udělal? - Do you know what did you do?

Ví, jak...? - Does he know how...?

Víme, kdy...? - Do we know when...?

Víte, proč...? - Do you know why...?

Ví, s čím/s kým...? - Do they know with whom... with what...?

Vědět, jestli sněží - To know whether it's snowing


Used with skills, abilities, and languages.

a) Umět + infinitiv

Umím plavat - I know how to swim, I can swim

Umím zpívat - I know how to sing, I can sing

b) Umět + cizí jazyk

Umím česky - I speak Czech

Umím španělsky - I speak Spanish

Learn more in my YouTube post!

Happy learning!

Eliška :)

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